Blue mitted, sininen mitted,  imported 05/2010 from Sweden


Bloodgroup A, FELV & FIV neg&neg, HCM1-dna N/N, PKD-dna pending

This Sweet and Delicate Darling came to us in age of 9,5 months. Champagne is my third ragdoll from Angelicdolls. She is super promising young female in every respect. This Enchanting Toddler has wonderful, peaceful and floppy temperament and I fell in love with her immediately!!!  

Champagne has LONG and STRONG BODY and long flyffy tail, lovely eyecolor and beautiful fur. Her eyecolor has got deeper blue after she had her heats.   This Marvellous Beauty has also marvellous type and therefore she has WONDERFUL RAGDOLL LOOK !!!  She is defenetely like her name; the finest and the highest quality.  

Champagne prefers to eat very much, which I prefer highly. She loves also to run and roll inside of long grasmatt in our garden and sleep under berrybushes and among flowerpushes. She goes everywhere after me and she loves to sleep in my bed and push her cheeks next to mine. She has also happy-paws and kind purrrring nature. I'm soooo happy to get her here with us, she is my BIG hope for future!!!   

Champagne turned to be FANTASTIC mother, she nurses her toddlers with HUGE intrest and she is sooo caring and loving mother, with HUGE among milk!! She has milk/sprays from her nipples !!! 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU DEAREST BELLA, for trusting in me and letting me have this Outstanding and Phenomenal Beauty!!! I'm soooooooo happy and proud of her!!!