Blue-cream tortie mitted,  sinikilpikonna mitted,     


Bloodgroup A,  FELV & FIV & microsporum canis neg.   HCM-dna N/N    

Our Adorable Delightful Manteli has just become 5 months old in underlying pictures. 





MANTELI is SUPER sweet babygirl. Her delighful temperament is the most wonderful ever .  She purrrrs non-stop and she loves to be in my lap and on my shoulders. She takes shows very relaxed, she seems to feel no stress at all.

Sooooo relaxed wonderful baby! Her weight is 3,3 kg at the day she got age of 5 months.  She has grown wellbalanced so far and she has the most delightful silky ragdoll coat. She is quite strongbuilt female.

I LOVE MANTELI with my all heart!!! She is sooooooo Precious Darling and she wants to be around all the time. She starts to purrrr when I'm just only looking at her.