Grand Champion FIN* WATTUWARPAAN PEKAANI-UKKO  "PEKKO"   * 24.7.2009

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PEKKO is very much like his wonderful father Wallu.   Pekko has the most enchanting and kindest floppy character. He is also BIG BONED and STRONG male, with LONG BODY and long fluffy tail.

He wants to be always around and he follows me everywhere and he purrrs non-stop. Pekko has happy-paws and he loves to be cuddled and he is real lap / shoulder cat.  HE IS DEFENETELY PURE RAGDOLL !!!

This Outstanding Hunk takes all shows super relaxed, - just like his father: They both are always sleeping most of the time at shows.

I have big hopes for this marvellous young boy. Pekko has growth so far in sweet harmony and his type and ragdoll look has got better and better all the time.  His weight is 6,5 kg at the age of 9,5 months,  but he looks very much like 7,5 kg, because of his HUGE MASSIVE BODY !!! He has fabulous SIZE...!!! 

I LOVE PEKKO-BOY VERY VERY MUCH and I'm waiting with pleasure, what he will give to his offsprings in future... 

Bloodgroup A,  FELV & FIV neg,   HCM-dna N/N