FIN* WATTUWARPAAN YÖN SUMU-UKKO  "BONZO"  *30.01.2009                                     

Cream mitted, creme mitted  





 Bloodgroup A,  FELV & FIV negative,   HCM1-dna N/N,  PKD-dna  N/N  (LABOKLIN)






"BONZO is super sweet boy!!! He has really wonderful personality and lovely super kind and enchanting character.  He loves to be in lap and he purrrrrrffffffs all the time. Just look at him and he starts to purrfffrfr...  Bonzo wants to be always around and he loves to sleep with me.  This Hunk is real ragoll... !!!

He has STRONG BONING and he has SUPER STRONGLY BUILT MUSCULAR BODY, but when I'm taking him in my lap, he feels to have no bones at all.  I can feel only big muscles and wonderful bushy silky coat. He is soooooo sweeeet and super relaxed HUNK!  

BONZO loves food and he adores to run in our garden and climp on trees in our safe yard. This amazing heart-catcher has developed super fantastic. I'm sooooo proud about him!!!   He is going to be SUPER STRONG male, because he is already very very massive boy!

He has lovely; long, fluffy, silky coat.  His weight is 7,4 kg at the age of 14 months.