Seal bicolor (high mitted), ruskea bicolor,  imported from Sweden 01/2010 


BERTTA is my second import from Angelicdolls, but defenetely not the last one... 

This new young female is Super Delightful Sweety!!! She has the most kindest and enchanting character  and she is Delicate purrrrring-machine.  She is also very curious and super chatty Darling, althought she is little shy with strange people. With me she is like a soft dream, she loves to be around me. Bertta loves to sleep on my stomach or on my chest when I'm reeding, before we both fall into sleep. She has always someting to say for me and she is the master of whistling-purrings and whistling-khhhrrurrings. 

Her head profile is taking my breath away, - - - outstanding. WOWWWW, what chin profile and forehead she has!!!   Bertta has strong and heavy body. She does'n look big sized, but she has marvellous weight. Her weight is 4,5kg at the age of 9 months.  She just loves all kind of food and she is super greedy for food! I really preciate that quality as she is my breeding female !!!   

Besides food, Bertta adores to run and jump in our garden every day and she is also very talent bird-chaser.  She is also one of our football team, others are my 3 landseermales. The most Bertta adoress our Wessuli landseer-male, who has always time for bootball, also with Bertta.  This Charming darling is running after all kind of balls; small ones and BIG footballs, -just like our dogs do. And she is chatting all the time while she is playing: "Khhhkuurrrrrauu khhrrrrraaauu!!!"

I LOVE BERTTA with all my heart and I do know, she loves me, too.  She tells it with her own specially way,  every single day. She has wonderful and endearing, soft look in her BIG blue eyes...!!! Bertta  loves sooooo much when I push my cheek next to hers and she is enjoying very much for my cuddles. My Dear Sweetheart loves also very very much our dogs and that feeling is defenetely bothsided.   

 DEAREST BELLA, THANK YOU very very much for letting me have My Sweet Beautiful Darling, who has developed so well and who is now my beloved Tender-Toddler...!!!  

BErtta has so far got 1 litter of 10 babies ! She is SUPER mommy in very respect< she has HUGE among milk, no ned to give extra milk for the babies, she has defenetely HUGE MILKBAR!!!! She is kind, caring and tender,  PURRRFECT mother in every respect and she gave beautiful typy toddlers !!!

Underlying pictures: Cattery Angelicdolls