RAG f     * 02.02.2007 

Offspring of E* Harris Tatjana & FIN* Scepters Noce Sarita



Mecinda has been sterilised 10.11.2009. After her third litter, she had symptoms of oncoming pyometra; cysts in her ovaries. Mecinda has 9 offsprings with FIN* Niuku-Naukun Elmo and 6 offsprings with S*Angelicdolls Valentino.

                    MecindaMellow is her second nickname, which tells everything about her   OUTSTANDING LOVELY   CHARACTER!   She loves to loll in my arms and she usually sleeps in my bed. This honey is super kind and relaxed female, - she is enchanting sweetheart. She is always floppy and very easy to handle in any ways. 

Mecinda is quite quiet and super tranquil sweetheart. She is very easy to handle in every ways. She has been only once in show and she was totally relaxed and trustful all the time.  

Mecindas weight is 4,5kg; she has long body and exellent coat lenght and texture. Her tortie markings are perfectly coloured and her eyecolor is nice "smoke-grey-blue" for tortie. THANK YOU DEAR SARI for this wonderful and delicate darling!   

Mecinda is living with my dear friend Suvi Hakala and her family.                                                                                           



FIN* NIUKU-NAUKUN ELMO  "MoccaMoccelisMaccelis"  RAG n 04  *22.02.2007

Offspring of FIN* HobbitDolls Julian Wind & A* Lalabis Quadrophenia

Mocca has been castrated 18.11.2009.  Wattuwarpaan Yön Sumu-Ukko "BONZO" will continue fathers pawsteps as future breeder male.






Moccelis is very STRONG BONED and MUSCULAR studboy.   His weight is 7,8 kg at the age of 2,5 years. He is very cool, serene and lazy-going boy. He loves to save his energy...   MoccelisMaccelis moves only when is all about food, or getting outside the house to our garden, - or for females. Once in a month he likes to play one minut and then he looks me like: "Ooooops, what I was doing...?!? What a waste of energy!" Then he will sounter to bed or shambles to his own climbing furniture and rest for a long moment. Eat properly and then rest again.    He is very funny!

Mocca treats females like they were ladys, so he is gentleman and very much devoted to his job.  He prefers food and loves to spend lots of his time in our safe garden-cat-pergola.

He loves to sing wonderful  operets to all females, and to all world, - sometimes also at nights.  This marvellous boy was spraying few moments in age of 1,5 years, but he has never sprayed or scratched our wallpapers.   




                                                             RAG g   * 12.04.2008

Offspring of FIN* Niuku-Naukun Elmo & FIN* Krannirags Mecinda







Unikko has   SUPER SWEET CHARACTER and she loves to chat A LOT.  This lovely behaving toddler has taken my heart totally.

At that very first moment, when she was born, she captured my heart strongly. She was the smallest of the whole litter. She was immediately very noisy and willing baby, as soon as she had arrived to this world.   I gave immediately first name to her:  "Noisy Small Femme".  

Nowadays she is not noisy, she is kind of quiet, super peaceful and tranquil Darling. However, she loves to chat with me every day. I just love her soft enchanting voice, when she talks and purrrrr-whistles for me. She takes, and keeps also eye-contact every time.  REAL SWEETY!

Unikko is very STRONG BONED and SUPER MUSCULAR sweetheart. Her body is quite short, but however her weight is 4,8kg at the age of 16 months, before her first mating.  

This Sweety is really joy to show, because she seems to feel safe and trustful, no matter what happens, or where we are.  I love Unikko with all my heart; she is soooooooo easy to love! She has the most wonderful; sweet and delightful temperament!     

Unikko loves food and I beleve, that she is going to be perfect mommy. She has already taken care so gently for her Mecinda- mommys babys ansd she has been sooooooo devoted to all babys.  She is super wonderful lovebug.  

Unikko adores to run in our garden, climb to trees,  and spend lots of her time in our safe cat pergola.  Unikko needs lots of tender and she wants to be around all the time, - just like our dogs. She is super loyal and trustful for me and she usually sleeps with me in my bed.  

Unikko has been sterilised 10.11.2009. She gave 7 sweet babys, but because of pyometra, all kitties were weak when they were born. We lost all her babys.  

Nowadays Unikko lives with my dear friend Kristiina Huuskonen and her family in VEHMAA.





RAG d 04 21    *02.02.2007

Offspring of E* Harris Tatjana & FIN* Scepters Noce Sarita


MAXI is SUPER funny and sweeeeet malecat. He is very talkative and he loves to chat almost all the time! He wants to be around and he loves to be in our garden. He loves to climb at trees, run around the garden and play football with our dogs.  Pötkylä is super playful and joyful boy! He has very very strong own will and what hwe wants, he will get, - one way or another!

He has the most flurry silky coat and BIG strong body. His adult weight is 7,3 kg.  MAXI was castrated in the age of 6 months. I felt sorry castrating many times afterwards, because he developed such lovely male! MAXI loves food and he is in deep love with all our landseers. I bought Maxi as showneuter, but he in adult age he had white mismarkings in his face. He has never been at shows, but he is super maximal joy at home!!! 

After my other stiuds got adult age, they bstarted to tease Maxi. Therefore he got very stressed and I had to find new loving home to this wonderful boy. Nowadays MAXI lives with Petri Nieminen and his family in ESPOO.