Quadruble Grand Champion S* ANGELICDOLLS VALENTINO  "WALLU"  *24.07.2008

RAG a 03 (high mitted), blue bicolor,  sininen bicolor,       imported from Sweden 02/2009 


                        Bloodgroup  A,  FIV & FELV : neg&neg, PKD-DNA: N/N (LABOKLIN)

HCM1-DNA N/N (his both parents has HCM1-DNA N/N /vanhemmilla HCM1-DNA N/N, LABOKLIN) 

WALLU is much more than I could ever dream for...!!!   I love WallukkaKellukka with all my heart! HE IS TRULY HEART CATCHER!!!

Wallu is SUPER STRONG BONED and EXTREME MUSCULAR BOY.  He is oooo sweet Darling! Irresistible young Handsome; with super outstanding lovely character.   He is such a Gorgeus Hunk!   This Charming Boy is super sosiable and he just loves to chat and chat and chat...he also wants to be around all the time with me. Wallu enjoys every day for fresh country-air in our safe cat-pergola. This Awesome Enchanting Boy loves food!   WALLUS weight is 7,5 kg at the age of 18 months. His best weight has been almost 8 kg, before he started to be KING. 

Wallu is really lovely behaving boy and he is excellent breeder.   He is really amazing LUXURIOUS KING! 

So far he has not taken any stress at shows, he is mostly sleeping at shows. So, my precious Wallu is also real joy to show!   Valentino is really 100% pure ragdoll in every respect. He is super relaxed rag: easygoing, kind and BIG studboy. He is following me all the time and loves to make happy paws in my lap or otherwice he wants to hang on my shoulders and he is    h e a v y  to carry! Wallu needs and prefers HUGE amoung of tender and attention. He is like our dogs.

Wallu has getting better and better type all the time, - during his growth. He is still in the middle of his developing and he is already now SUPER FANTASTIC and MASCULINE LOOKING studboy!!!  I'm super proud and happy for having him as our beloved familymember and our breeder male!   

THANK YOU DEAREST BELLA sooooooooo much for this marvellous, super relaxed flabby Darling! 





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